About Us

Ampersand Consignment is an online consignment store located in Calgary, Alberta. Our belief is that women are empowered through their choices in fashion. Our purpose is to know what you love and help you find that perfect outfit that makes you feel confident. That makes you feel beautiful.  We are about fashion. Let us build your wardrobe.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Rent, Repair, Research.

Ampersand means "And". At Ampersand the "And" is never ending. We strive daily to use the seven R's to help our planet flourish while still living our most fashionable lives. Together let's Reduce the impact the fashion industry has on this Earth by enforcing the seven R's. 

Reduce the amount of fast fashion items you purchase.

Reuse quality mix and match pieces.

Recycle your clothing by consigning or donating to your local clothing bin.

Repurpose old items by being creative with them; i.e turning t-shirts into shopping bags.

Rent designer pieces to lessen your own fashion footprint.

Repair your classic articles to give them new life.

Research the brand before buying new.